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Oracle ADWC Event

A collaborative customer's event of ICT and Oracle.

"Unleashed the Power of Your Data with Oracle Autonomous Database"
Oracle is revolutionizing how data is managed with the introduction of the world's first "self-driving" database. Powered by Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database cloud offers total automation based on machine learning to deliver unprecedented availability, performance, and security - at a significantly lower cost.

How it works?

  • Self-Driving - Eliminate manual database management
  • Self-Securing - Automatic in-depth data protection at all levels
  • Self-Repairing - Always-on availability for application and database
  • Complete - Orchestrate infrastructure and database as code

"Bring the Power of Oracle Cloud to Your Data Center"
It's essentially Oracle public cloud delivered to your data center, it has many of the same advantages as a public cloud: the same feature set, a similar financial model and the same operational model.  But, unlike a public cloud, IT still retains control.  And, because it's precisely compatible with Oracle public cloud, any hybrid cloud use case you might think of becomes almost trivial to implement and manage.