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We deliver this solution to provide holistic information and visibility into the entire IT infrastructure especially in Systems and Network. This information is instantly meaningful and actionable. Customer will be able to see, understand, manage, and optimize the complex interrelationships of their entire systems and network that drive the modern data center.
This solution can address the area of Business Service Management, Application Lifecycle Management, and IT Automation and Orchestration.


 IT Operation Management
IT operations needs a new approach to overcome the mismatch between development’s ability to deliver, and IT operation’s ability to deploy applications. Leveraging the technology from our world best principal, we offer the IT Operation Management Platform, enabling continuous operations for modern IT. Modern IT Operations Management tools bridge the gap between traditional IT, the new digital enterprise and fast paced new business initiatives in a straightforward way. Below are the six ITOM suite:
  • Hybrid Cloud Management
    DevOps driven, multi-cloud management, orchestration and migration.
  • Operations Bridge
    The first containerized, service-oriented autonomous monitoring solution for hybrid IT.
  • Data Center Automation
    Automate enterprise-scale provisioning, patching, and compliance across servers, databases, and middleware.
  • Service Management Automation
    Engaging end-user experience and efficient service management with analytics and machine learning.
  • Network Operations Management
    Manage, automate, and ensure compliance for traditional, virtual, and software-defined networks.
  • Data Protector
    Enterprise backup and disaster recovery software for data-centric protection across heterogeneous environments.